Is Creatine the Best Muscle Building Supplement?

Anyone looking for the best muscle building supplement does well to give creatine careful consideration. It is not without reason that creatine is one of the most popular of all supplements for bulking up, because tens of thousands of users have found that it greatly accelerates muscle gains over exercise alone. Buy Testogen GNC
A 90-day study led by Dr. Jeff Volek and his research team at the Pennsylvania State University found that weight lifters who took creatine gained twice as much muscle mass as those who took a placebo capsule. Users of creatine also gained more upper and lower body strength.

Creatine works by incorporating water into muscle tissue. As the muscle becomes super-hydrated, it can do more work with less energy expenditure. The energy the muscle does not have to spend on work it can focus on protein synthesis, growing even more with less effort.

Even if creatine is unquestionably the best muscle building supplement, however, there are certain conditions that are necessary for it to work. Since part of the action of creatine is to incorporate water into muscle tissue, creatine is only effective if the user is well dehydrated. Taking a creatine supplement when you are dehydrated by doing a heavy workout in high heat won’t build healthy muscle.

Another consideration for the use of this best muscle building supplement is that it has a relatively short half-life in the human bloodstream.

About 2 hours after you take a dose of creatine, half of the creatine that has not been absorbed by the muscles is eliminated in the urine.

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