How to Dating Girls – The Three Most Common Issues With Dating

How to dating is all about doing the correct things with girls. If you manage to do this, girls would feel you very attractive and charming. You have also to stay away from these three common mistakes that girls are intolerant of, here they are:

Girls will forgive you if you are insolent, they will forgive you if you are too nice, they will forgive you if you made a small mistake, but they would never forgive you if you do only one of these three mistakes:

  • The very first mistake on how to dating girls you should avoid is giving her too much importance

Lot of guys will think that I must have gone out of my mind for saying this!

I assure you, I’m not.

This is very dangerous and will lead you to some very huge difficulties; the most important one is her dumping you.

  1. Giving a girl too much important can be seen when you: กลุมลับ
  2. Ask her to give you opinions about you: “do you like guys like me?” “How do you like me so far?”…
  3. Asking her to give you choices: “shall we go to this or to that?”, “how can a guy like me attract you?”…
  4. Another great one is asking her to lead you by implying that you want the best for her: “do you want something to drink?”, “do you want me to buy it for you?”…

Giving her too much importance is not attractive for her, trust me, she will hate you instead.

  • The second most common mistake you will do with girls is trying to impress her.

You should never go meet a girl thinking about stuff you should do to impress her and to create a feeling of attraction in her.

I once asked a girl to give me clues, she was a friend, and she told me that she will like a guy who is going to ignore her a little and not give too much importance about what she thought or what she wants of him.

Trust me, a girl want you to be the man with her and be there just because you are a man, she doesn’t want you to make too many efforts with her, she only wants you to let her have fun with you.


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