Football Basics For Playing Or Watching the Sport

When it comes to learning football basics, three important things you should know about are the offense, defense and special teams. Even if you have never watched a game, most of us know a little something about football due to the overwhelming popularity in America. It is known as one of Americas greatest pastimes and is loved by millions. The overall basics of the game can be easily picked up, but the basics behind the offense, defense and special teams can be confusing.

The offense consists of the players on the field who are trying to score. Determining which players of the offensive line are on the field, depends on the play. The one player who will remain in the lineup is the quarterback. While every player plays an important role, his is a crucial part of the offense. The quarterback runs either a passing or running play, and depends on the offensive line to protect him and follow through with the play. The offense has four downs to move the ball 10 yards, and remains on the field as long as they continue to move the ball far enough at each down. The objective is to score a touchdown or at least a good enough position for special teams to score a field goal. บ้านผลบอล

The other group of players on the field is the opposing teams defense. Their main objective is tackle and coverage. Three of the most common defensive plays include Blitzing, where five or more players rush the quarterback, Man to man where it consists mainly of one on one coverage, and Zone where the defense remains on a certain part of the field while the play is ran around them. The main goal is to stop the other team from being at field goal range or making a touchdown.

Special teams consists of three different parts. Every game starts with special teams on the field during the kickoff, and they are brought back onto the field at each change of possession after points are scored. If the quarterback is unsuccessful at scoring points within four downs then the special teams is brought back onto the field for a punt. If a team is unable to make a touchdown but they are in field goal range, special teams is used to kick a field goal or if the touchdown was made they can also be used to gain an extra point. Special teams consists of an offense and defense as well. The defense’s job being blocking field goals, and returning punts when there is a kick off and the offense’s job beings kickoff, punting and field goal attempts.

Now that use have a better understanding of the basics behind the offense, defense and special teams, it should be easier to follow an actual game. Learning all the rules of football can be frustrating, but if you understand the basics it won’t be so overwhelming. Basically the main concept of football is to score more points than the other team, and the only way to do that successfully is to play as a team.


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